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Curriculum Kits

Any 4-H project or curriculum kit may be used as an Expanded 4-H, Special Interest, School Enrichment, or Club program. Call your local County Extension agency for further information.

Printable Project Resources

  • Project Forms
    Looking for project forms? You should find them at this link.
  • 2023-2024 Projects Literature Handbook (PDF)
    Projects Literature Handbook is at the front of this document and Curriculum Kit Catalog is at the back of this document. Note: large file size, may take a long time to load for slow connections.

    To print 8.5"X11"--Open document > Go up to File > Select Print > Select your printer > Make sure Portrait is selected > Find and click on a radio button or option that says Fit > Go into Properties for your printer > For layout, click on Advanced > Select Letter for paper size > Click OK for all the opened windows/panels and then Print document.

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